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What is the shipping price in this store?

The shipping price depends on factors, but the most important of them is the weight of the order, so the shipping price starts per kilo and is approximately less than $8

What are the accepted payment methods?

In our store, we accept payment through an online payment gateway that supports credit card and Visa card payments.

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We, at Alkanzi Store for Frankincense and Perfumes, have partnered with the largest and fastest shipping companies, including DHL and ARAMEX, to provide the best delivery experience to our customers. The shipment may take 2 to 5 business days, and the customer will be provided with a tracking number. Through this number, they can track the status of their product from the beginning of the shipment until it reaches their country.”

How secure is shopping on your store? Are our data protected?

Certainly, dear customer. We have activated SSL security certificate to ensure the protection of your data.


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